Daily Prompt
Take a Chance on Me What’s the biggest chance you ever took? Did it work out? Do tell!

When I read the daily prompt I immediately thought, what can I write I have never taken a chance.  Thinking a bit more about it
I realised that isn’t chance a choice?  Each time we come to a decision we must make a choice which can lead to change and taking a chance.

Looking back one of the biggest chances I took was with my husband, we had been married early at 18 & 19, we had been married for 3 years when we decided to build our own house, we were not builders, we had never built anything before, we did not know builders but we didn’t have any money and we were determined to make it happen.  We were living in a caravan and continued to live in it for the next 2 years. We both worked full time and came home and worked in the evenings and weekends building our house.  My husband using a shovel dug out our footings, I became a dab hand at mixing mortar, carrying bricks, setting string lines, scraping and cleaning the bricks and doing whatever I could to save on labour costs.

Our house rose slowly as we maxed out our $2000 credit card, paid it down and then bought more materials on it.  We finally had to borrow money when we reached the roof $20,000 but we did it! We had designed and built our own home.

The only thing we had going for us from the beginning was blind faith that we could do it and a willingness to work at it.

Our chance (although we didn’t think of it like that) had worked out for us